Teachings – Vaksudha

A collection of discourses and quotations by Guru Dev, compiled and edited by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1947

MMY about Vaksudha 1968

‘I have written long ago, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, I wrote a book, a small cover, about two hundred pages, and that was in Hindi, account of Guru Dev. But in that description, hear what I said! Not the instances were cited, but the inferences drawn from the instances. Not the instances make history!’


Page(s) Title
5 Samarpan (dedication)
6 Prabho! (O Lord!)
7-8 Anukramanika  (index)
9-10 Praarthanaa (prayer, devout wish)
11-60 Praakkathan (foreword, Guru Devs biography, see Vedanta incarnate)
61-68 Quotes 1.1 – 1.22
69-70 Path of welfare
69-70 Way to happiness
71-75 Real victory
71-75 Real victory
76-78 Destruction of vasana
76-78 Liberation is the destruction of vasanas
79-81 How to destroy vasana
79-81 How are vasanas destroyed?
82-85 How to become a Karma Yogi?
82-85 What makes a Karma Yogi?
86-89 The Key to Yogic Success
86-89 The Key to Yogic Success
90-91 Government has a huge responsibility
92 In memory of Bhagvan Adi Shankara
93-94 The all pervasive essence
94 Trailoka (first part)
94-95 Trailoka (remainder)
96 Whether Bhagvan is without or with form?
97 World of forms in the formlessness Brahman
98 How to best practice both Paramartha and Vyvahara
99-102 Giving up of possession
103-105 Right utilization of body, mind and wealth
106-107 How to get happiness and peace?
108-111 Divine Fury because of disorder in temples
112-113 Basis of stable society
112-113 Foundation for a stable enduring collective
114-115 Don´t get worried by the food crisis
116 Always be on the lap of Bhagvan
116 Forever in the lap of Bhagvan
117-120 Dharma protects its guardians
121-123 From the time when you get aware of it, then it is alright
124-126 Purity of food leads to attainment of the highest essence
127-128 The company of desirous people is more dangerous than desires
129-131 Necessity of Satsang
132-134 Divine or Asuric tendencies
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