Teachings – Vaksudha

A collection of discourses and quotations by Guru Dev, compiled and edited by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1947


Page(s) Title
5 Samarpan (dedication)
6 Prabho! (O Lord!)
7-8 Anukramanika  (index)
9-10 Praarthanaa (prayer, devout wish)
11-60 Praakkathan (foreword, Guru Devs biography, see Vedanta incarnate)
61-68 Quotes 1.1 – 1.22
69-70 Path of welfare
69-70 Way to happiness
71-75 Real victory
71-75 Real victory
76-78 Destruction of vasana
76-78 Liberation is the destruction of vasanas
79-81 How to destroy vasana
79-81 How are vasanas destroyed?
82-85 How to become a Karma Yogi?
82-85 What makes a Karma Yogi?
86-89 The Key to Yogic Success
86-89 The Key to Yogic Success
90-91 Government has a huge responsibility
92 In memory of Bhagvan Adi Shankara
93-94 The all pervasive essence
94 Trailoka (first part)
94-95 Trailoka (remainder)
96 Whether Bhagvan is without or with form?
97 World of forms in the formlessness Brahman
98 How to best practice both Paramartha and Vyvahara
99-102 Giving up of possession
103-105 Right utilization of body, mind and wealth
106-107 How to get happiness and peace?
108-111 Divine Fury because of disorder in temples
112-113 Basis of stable society
112-113 Foundation for a stable enduring collective
114-115 Don´t get worried by the food crisis
116 Always be on the lap of Bhagvan
116 Forever in the lap of Bhagvan
117-120 Dharma protects its guardians
121-123 From the time when you get aware of it, then it is alright
124-126 Purity of food for realizing TATTVA (ultimate reality or truth)
127-128 The company with sensual people is more dangerous than sensuality
129-131 Necessity of Satsang
132-134 Divine or Asuric tendencies
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